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Hi, all.

I realize that I am next to nonexistent on here these days, but part of that is due to trying to get my jewelry business up and running. So, with that in mind, I'm here to beg for help. Would you please click the link and then click the vote button for me? I am trying to get in the running for a $100k grant which would allow me to open my boutique store! Thank you all and *hugs*!

Also, if you happen to be in the mood to shop, my store is here:

more *hugs*
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I just ripped apart my userpic list so that I could get it down to 30. *weeps*

*deep breath* But, I haven't been on here, so it makes no sense to pay the extra fee until I am again. Which will be...who knows when. I have my job where I'm working tons of OT to make extra money to fund my jewelry business. I'm hoping to really get that off the ground this year so that I can tell the job to go blow. *crosses fingers*

Other than that, life has been pretty dull. Mostly sleeping when I can. lol
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Phineas missing from vet's office - Home

Horrifying and devastating news. I sincerely hope that the poor pup is okay, but it is not looking good. :( If you are unaware of Phineas and his plight, see the below link. I don't know the family or the dog personally, but this is seriously making me all teary just thinking about the probable outcome.

Phineas missing from vet's office - Home
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NaNo is a NO - Prompt Request - Friends Page is a NO

Hi, all!

Just a ramble-y check-in type of post. I know. I know. This is not shocking coming from me.


1 & 2) NaNo didn't happen for me even though I'm off work. So, in order to try to get back into writing I'm offering to fill prompt requests. If you are on my Flist, you know what I watch/write. And I'd be especially open to original prompts. Let me know if you are interested in requesting anything.

3) I tried the new Friends Page for about three seconds. O. M. G. So awful! I have a paid account almost exclusively so I could set a theme that I liked and could read without getting a bitch of a headache. ie. My page is dark and NOT BRIGHT EYE SEARINGLY WHITE! Please tell me they aren't "fixing" it so that I can't use it. ugh
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She lives!!!

I'm alive! And I have a computer with which to post and everything! (Dude, seriously. I could not post from my phone. So frustrating.)

So, long update short....

I'm still in Orlando.

Work is a hellish place where I earn a much needed paycheck. *insert pleas to any and all gods/goddesses/whatevers to please let me win the lottery. thank you*

Home life is fine.

Health is eh, but not awful. Awaiting additional testing on my thyroid. The doctor thinks it is going and/or gone. *shrugs* I'm not sure I care so long as they can treat the symptoms.

Writing has been non-existent and sooooo missed.

I paid for my membership now that I can post again, and I didn't lose my userpics. YAY!!

Otherwise... Yep. That's pretty much it.

How are you? *hugs*

Um...Yeah. Cleveland.

So, I have an opportunity to move back to Cleveland. I remember somewhat liking it there. I had friends. Places to go, etc. I'd have to wait until I've been on my current team a year (end of Aug.), but then I should be able to transfer to the Richfield or a branch office so I wouldn't lose my pay, vaca, etc. I'd have a house - my own house - all set. And the cost, including utilities, would be around $1k/mo, which isn't bad for a 3 bedroom with a fenced yard and furnishings. I could take Princess without a problem. Commute wouldn't be horrible if the work thing works out. I'd be much closer to my family. So... Why am I feeling nervous about this whole idea?
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Goodbye, my littlest one

Hermione, the sweetie pictured below, was always a tiny thing. She loved to give kisses, explore and play. She didn't have any little ferret friends (I'd always meant to get a Harry for her), but she kept herself occupied with her toys. Soccer with a jingling, plastic basketball was a favorite!

It was about two years ago, however, that she fell prey to one of the scourges of ferret-kind: Adrenal Disease. Always small, she lost weight she couldn't really afford to lose. And she lost most of her hair. But throughout it all, she kept playing and eating. Coming out to say hello anytime anyone walked by.

Until Monday. Monday morning, I took her out to play, and she couldn't stand on her front legs steadily at all. And then she'd just sink to the ground without even trying to arrange her legs into a comfortable position. When I put her back into her cage, she didn't even try to eat. Just went up to the top floor and buried under her blankets to sleep. So, I knew that it was time. Tuesday morning was the last chance I had to see and play with her, but she will be loved always.